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of who we are and
our professional journey.

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legal solutions.

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of what we do and
our legal services.

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I would like to give you a very warm welcome to this website.


As once said, all people are equal before the law, the right attorney is what makes the difference.


Please kindly discover my understanding of professional competence, legal solutions, professional responsibility and legal expertise visiting this website.


And hopefully, in the end, you will think of me as the right legal partner on your esteemed affairs.


Wishing you the best on your legal journey and looking forward to meet you one day.


Best regards, 
Att. Alper Koçulu

Legal Profession

Who can provide
legal services in Turkey?

Discover the status 
and services of lawyers
in Turkey.

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History of Lawyers

How are lawyers
professionally organised?

Discover the history, codes  
and associations regarding 
Turkish lawyers.

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Legal Statistics

What are the most
common cases in Turkey?

Discover the highs and lows  
and the ratio of legal affairs 
in Turkey.

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Why do you need
professional assistance?

Discover the misconceptions
and answers to FAQs regarding
Turkish lawyers.

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